Steve Pheasant Rentals

RCS owns and manages over 40 rental properties in the Greater Altoona Area. We have both houses and apartments available. Please find below a list of our current vacancies. Please check back for a listing of available housing and apartment rentals or contact us directly for current information.

House Flipping

RCS has flipped over 20 houses in the last 5 years. We have expertise in all areas of construction. We can handle any type of project you may need done in your home. RCS has become an expert at flipping houses in our region. Each home we invest in is assessed from top to bottom. All necessary repairs are made, construction upgrades are completed, everything is meticulously checked. Our homes come ready-to-move-in condition and include kitchen appliances! If you are looking for comfortable and affordable housing, be sure to contact us to see what we have to offer!